Pain Management Billing Services

Pain Management Billing ServicesPhysicians tend to ease patients’ pain caused by disease, chronic illness, injuries, addiction, or anything potentially harmful to the body that causes pain. It requires skill, qualification, determination, and experience to accurately do this job. Pain management is already a difficult and time-consuming job and getting the hassles of pain management billing services on your shoulders too would only result in a lack of management in both jobs. We are ready to take the other job and get it done for you. We offer you to outsource your pain management billing services to us at Ibex Medical Billing Services. Ibex team will take care of your responsibilities and your revenue as well.

Claim denial Prevention:

We document and verify your demographics at your own clinic and all the information is then transferred to our professional team of pain management billers and coders and then to our certified team of charge entry professionals. IMB believes in claim denial prevention rather than claim denial management. We have a secure and private database with all the previous claim records to avoid any future errors and mistakes for billing claims management.

Some of the common billing challenges are:

  • Under or overpayment
  • High turnover of staff due to inflation and other reasons
  • High rate of claim denials
  • Limitations in insurance policies
  • Limited information access at pain management billing services management

You will get the following Revenue cycle management or RCM for billing services benefits at IBM.

Benefits at IBM:

  • We have flexible packages and negotiable rates to match your needs
  • You will get your desired results quickly in hours.
  • Fully HIPAA rules and regulations complied with accurate and precise billing services.
  • Very small fee as compared to the other pain management billing service providers
  • Less account receivable or AR days
  • Lesser coding and billing expenses
  • Faster and more revenue generation than any other insurance service provider or billing service provider
  • Our fee is variable and not fixed. We will charge you according to your demand and fix our packages according to your billing needs
  • With our amazing pain management billing services, physician and healthcare providers would have more time to focus on the needs of their patients and their treatment.
  • We will provide you with double-checked coding and transcription for a successful claim on the first time
  • Eligibility verification and insurance authorization at your first visit to prevent the wastage of your time
  • We will give you regular follow-ups and monthly and weekly reports to keep you updated.
  • IMB will always update your billing services audit report
  • We can also provide an insurance check from our record database, which will differentiate between the insured and uninsured payments for pain management billing services.
  • We have the technology to track your pain management billing services claim in real-time, to keep you up to date.

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