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Charge Entry Process

Our team guarantees the entry of the data and accuracy within a 24 hours timeline of receipt. Charge Entry service for medical billing is one of the key areas of medical billing process which is part of important process of hospital revenue cycle management or any healthcare setting. This process is creation of patient account and assigning it with appropriate value as per coding and applicable fee schedule.

Charge entry process steps


  • Receipt of documents– charge tickets, superbills and related clinical documentation through document management system.
  • Entering the patient demographic data, date of service, billing provider, referring healthcare provider, point of Service, date and time of admission, ICD/CPT codes, number of units, and modifiers
  • We enter the patients’ charges in medical billing system established on the account specific rules.
  • Analysis of charges for precision before billing.
  • On a predetermined schedule, clarification of all the incomplete and held documents are sent to clients for verification.
  • Our quality team will audit the final charges so that clean claim is sent for further processing.

The charges entered will establish the reimbursements for physician’s service by the insurance companies. According to their insurance policy patient payment will cover the rest . Therefore, Charge entry process should be error free. This may lead to denial of the claims. In addition, better results will be produced if there is a good coordination between charge entry team and coding team.

Our team at Ibex has a previous experience in management of the charge entry process, this will reduce the error rate and contributes to clean claims. They have substantial experience in handling charge entry for different medical billing specialties. If our team finds out any problem with super bill, they will seek out clarification from the client. We do it before further processing and entry of the charges. Because of the detailed process followed we are able to mange zero error process and offer our charge Entry service to you with speed and efficiency.

Ibex Charge entry Team offer following benefits:

  • Improve productivity and accuracy of the entry process.
  • Tracking of denial trends on an constant basis to ensure that there is a reduction in claim denial.
  • We can identify missed income by charge audit process and revenue can be optimized.

Complete Medical Billing Solution

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