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We are a family run enterprise and have vast  experience in Medical, Management, Recruitment, Consulting & Banking Industries. We are driven by the philosophy of client first, this is at the center of everything that we do at Ibex Medical Billing.

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Our operational team consists of team members with decades of professional and operational experience working with clients across a range of specialties. So whatever your needs are,  we might have a solution.

Billing is done at our overseas office in Pakistan

Ibex Medical Billing(IMB) was registered in March 2021 in Wyoming-USA. We started marketing in the second half of 2022 the decision making members team in Ibex Medical Billing were going  through  rigorous training in all types of billing, management, operations and marketing, specific to medical billing.

Ibex Medical Billing(IMB) was registered in March 2021 in Wyoming-USA. We started marketing in the second half of 2022 the decision making members team in Ibex Medical Billing were going  through  rigorous training in all types of billing, management, operations and marketing, specific to medical billing.

IMB, has for the time being has no clients but we have established more than 5,000 connections with Healthcare Providers in the USA and many accounts of the anticipated clients are in the pipeline.

  • We provide regular training to our medical billers and coders to ensure that everyone knows how to protect patient privacy.
  • The softwares systems are well guarded against ransomware attacks and other online hacks.
  • There is Limited facility access and control with authorize access in place.
  • there are Restrictions when disposing off, transferring, removing, and even re-using electronic media and ePHI.
  • there are Unique user credentials, automatic log off, encryption and decryption  mechanisms, and emergency access procedures.
  • we do Regular audit reports and tracking logs that are securely recorded on the hardware and software systems.
  • And We Conduct the Mandatory HIPAA Security Risk Assessment Annualy

Yes we do provide medical coding services  and we have certified coders.

  • We work on claims 24/7, unlike other medical billing companies. This ensures that your claim is submitted in the system within 24 hours of receiving it from you and follows up with insurance companies so they pay us quickly thus doctors get paid fast too. 
  • Free Trial 30 Days – free of cost, after the agreement.
  • Our offshore Billing facility can cut down 2/3 of the client’s in-country billing budget
  • Quick Personal Service from our United State Office. – Personalize service, customize offer, claim process quickly, at some point you might need our services
  • Customised Solutions –
  • Fast Claim Submission (Within 24 hours)
  • Fastest Claim Reporting -7 Innovative billing tools
  • We are Present in multiple location

We specialize in charge entry, patients demographics entry, eligibility verification, account receivables and payment posting. Depending upon the provider and the requirements we can provide other related services.

Cardiology & cardiovascular surgery
Critical care
Diagnostic Radiology
ear nose and throat
family medicine
internal medicine
reproductive medicine
multi specialty
GIT, endocrinology and many more

We at Ibex Medical Billing appreciate and understand the importance of AR. The higher the AR days means the more negative impact on a practice’s cash flow and profitability. We apply different strategies based on the volume of claims by particular practice. 

As a starting point, we make sure the majority of the claims submitted are clean and have been thoroughly checked by our audit department. This is a good starting point as it will ensure the overall health of AR is excellent & Yes we provide analysis and reports at every meeting with our clients as per their needs. 

We have an experienced team who will manage account receivables.


This depends upon the insurance company and the time frame given by them, we on our end do the best to minimize the Denials and Rejection rates but we can’t minimize insurance processing time. That is set my government which is, for Medicare it is 15 days and for commercial insurance ranges from 30-45 days.

Yes we provide financial reporting depending on what software the provider is using, if it is compatible, we provide all the reports that are needed by the provider.

Yes at Ibex Medical Billing our top priority is to bring down claim denials and claim rejection rates. Apart from thorough checking before submitting claims to reduce both, inevitably there will be denials, we keep track of denials and do an analysis to see the trends/patterns and minimize any repeated mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again. This is done on the provider’s platform, we don’t have a dedicated platform for that. 

We at Ibex Medical Billing understand that rejected claims can result in loss of tens of thousands of dollars for the providers. We do a thorough check of the patient’s eligibility and conduct special audits of each claim to minimize claim rejection. We continuously work and make analyses of rejected claims to minimize any negative trends and keep them to a minimum. 

We at Ibex Medical Billing fully understand that claim rejection, denials and lower reimbursement have a negative effect on the financial health of a medical practice.

We will provide you with an analysis on which are your Top Codes used along with Top Paid Codes and Most Denied Codes, this will help you see a clear picture of your revenue flow and in addition we can strategies as which alternative codes can be more effective going forward. 


At Ibex Medical Billing we realize how important it is to manage each part of the reimbursement cycle so we have a special team whose job is to audit each claim before submission.  This helps in getting the desired results plus the ability to see and take corrective action in terms of trends within the cycle.

We do appreciate how important  it is to be up to date on Fee Scheduling. This ensures that the provider doesn’t lose money in case of under billing and at the same time accurate billing ensures there are no reconciliation and financial calculation issues. At Ibex our billing team is abreast of the changes and will use the expertise for the benefit of its client. 

We as a medical billing company are flexible and can work as per your needs and can take only the function you won’t to outsource and not the entire billing process. 

At the outset we work with you to understand what is most important to you, what are your goals that you want to accomplish and what issues and challenges you want to overcome. We as a partner work with your interest at the center to create a long term & successful partnership.

-We at ibex medical billing understand each and every client is different with unique set of needs and requirements, we also understand compliance and Hipaa requirements and for some specialities the stringent needs that need to be adhered to. Rest assured we will do our utmost to the requirements set forth at the outset and address each and every concern to the letter.

We understand how important it is track and measure performance and fix any issues to keep both of us on track to meet our Goals. For this purpose as per your need, we can schedule bi monthly and monthly meetings with detailed reports and analysis. Please, let us know what your requirements will be and we will work with you. 

We do offer credentialing service, as you can appreciate it is a time consuming and lengthy process. However, we work with clients who need this service at extra charge.

As you can appreciate, Contract Analysis is a complicated process, however we can provide that service. Where we check and make sure that with all the codes, allowed and paid amounts are the same.

Yes, our experienced billing teams has worked extensively across platforms and do EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Record/Electronic Medical Record)

So, if you will hire us, we offers EMR specific teams, you can rest-assured that your claim submission processes will see a massive boost.

Yes, we appreciate how important patient eligibility is in the whole process, it has a significant effect on the revenue cycle management and having prior knowledge of patient responsibility means keeping things on track. We have a dedicated team for patient eligibility verification.

Our operational team has worked on various platforms like AdvancedMD, eClinicalWorks, CollaborateMD,  Billing Paradise, Kareo, Reverie, Infinite-O etc. Our aim is no disruption to your workflow,  so we work on the platform that you are currently using.

It depends on the volume of your practice, after you tell us the details we can come up with individualized package for you, you will see that they will be reasonable 

It depends on the system you are using, Advance MD, Collaborate  etc. We will use the same system, and whatever that systems allows he can provide you with that.

1) Patient Education

Keeping your patients educated and informed when it comes to their billing is a challenge all providers face. Research shows that when a patient knows more about their bill (balance, payment methods, and options) they are more likely to make their payment. 

2) On-time Payments

Whether it be from the insurance company or a payment directly from the patient, making sure you get a payment in a timely fashion is sometimes difficult. Certain vendors of medical billing software offer help to increase on-time patient payments.

3) Payment Accessibility

Make sure you offer multiple options including online payments and credit card payments. Increasing accessibility is always a plus.

4) Quality Customer Support

Providers who have no or little access to quality customer support will often fail to optimize their software and use it to its maximum ability.

5) Filing Multiple Claims, there must be options for mass claim creation tool.

Having to file multiple claims is frustrating for many, but particularly for specialty providers. Without a mass claim creation tool, they are left to file each one individually. This has a huge negative impact on practice efficiency and clinical workflow.


6) Denials

With the right tools, providers can increase their clean claims upwards to 99% 

 7)Medical billing Resources

Whether it be customer support, patient education, productivity tools, or quality software, a lack of medical billing resources will leave you doing things the traditional way. Medical billing resources are necessary in order to maintain a high number of clean claims and maximize your revenue.

8) Software

Medical billing software that is not tailor-made for your practice will only input kinks into your billing workflow. Providers need a customizable medical billing option.

9)  Support during Implementation

Support during implementation of a new medical billing software is vital to your practice’s medical billing success.

10) Revenue Loss

Revenue loss can be caused by a multitude of factors. When that loss is caused by menial errors and mistakes, it can be incredibly frustrating. Providers need tools that help them minimize lost revenue and achieve their financial goals.


Yes we have a team of certified Billers and coders from

CPB Certified medical Biller and  Certified Professional Coder (CPC)  They are certified by American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) 

CCA Certified coding associate, CCS certified coding specialist They are certified by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)


Carefully review all notifications regarding the claim
When we receive a remittance advice, explanation of benefits, or other notification from an insurance company regarding a claim, we review it carefully.

The notification should indicate whether the claim was paid in full, delayed, partially paid or denied. 

  • If the claim is determined to be “unclean” or contested, follow the carrier’s instructions for resubmitting the claim along with any missing or corrected information. 
  • If the claim is partially paid or if payment is denied, the notification should specify the reason(s) and outline the specific procedures and documentation required to resubmit the claim or file an appeal.
  • If the notification is not clear, we call the carrier for more information.

In addition to eliciting a stated reason for denying a claim, you may find out that the claim was adjudicated incorrectly because of an administrative error on the part of the payer. You might also discover that your submission procedures do not match the company’s requirements but that you can make some simple adjustments to your procedures to streamline future claims submissions.

2.Be persistent

If your resubmitted claim is denied and you believe the denial was improper, you may appeal the decision according to the carrier’s guidelines. 

You may need to resubmit the claim or file an appeal more than once to reverse a company’s decision, but don’t give up. Your persistence can demonstrate to the insurance company that you are serious about resolving the problem and getting paid.

3.Don’t delay

It is important to submit and resubmit claims in a timely manner, within the timeframe specified by the company or the applicable laws in your state.

  1. Get to know the appeals process

When you submit an appeal, make sure you are familiar with the company’s appeals process. When you know your carrier’s policies, you are in a better position to respond to the carrier’s actions.

  1. Maintain records on disputed claims
    When you call an insurance company for more information about a claim, keep a record of the information you are given, along with the full name of the representative with whom you spoke. Store this information with other key information about the claim, including: why the claim was partially paid, delayed or denied; the actions your office took to follow up on the claim; and the outcome.

    These records can play in important role in future actions, such as taking your appeal to higher levels, submitting complaints to the state insurance commissioner and/or pursuing subsequent litigation. The records can also serve as a helpful file of sample appeals letters and documentation that can aid your office in avoiding or resolving future claims denials.
  2. Remember that help is available

By ensuring that your billing procedures are consistent with the company’s requirements, you may be able to reduce the occurrence of rejections and denials in the future. However, if you continue to encounter reimbursement problems with a particular insurance company, contact the state insurance commissioner’s office for assistance.


Medical insurance billing is the process of submitting a claim and following up on it as a means of the payment of services provided by a healthcare provider. Once a claim is submitted in response to medical services, medical billers in healthcare facilities follow it up to receive remittance for them.  



  1. Registration
  2. Establishment of Financial Responsibility for Patient Visit 
  3. Overview of Patient Check-In and Check Out 
  4. Monitoring Coding and Billing Compliance 
  5. Preparation and Transfer of Claims 
  6. Looking into Payer Adjudication 
  7. Generation of Patient Bills and Statements 
  8. Assigning of Patient Payments and Arrangement of Collections 
  • athenahealth. 
  • Cerner Ambulatory. …
  • EpicCare. …
  • DrChrono. …
  • eClinicalWorks.
  • Advanced MD
  • Meditec
  • Greenway
  • Carecloud
  • cureMD

It depends upon the insurance companies.

  • In case of a clean claim, it takes 14 days with ibex Medical Billing.
  • 32-45 days with commercial Insurance

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