Ibex Medical Billing’s goal is to help physicians provide the highest-quality care for their patients with minimal overhead costs. We do that by automating and streamlining your workflow. Helping you generate accurate bills, and setting up a secure, direct line of communication between you and your clients in Mount Vernon. We’ve designed Ibex Medical Billing in a way that you get a complete picture of your patient’s health and manage their medical records in one place, without worrying about their billing. All you have to do is provide us with the information we need about the care they receive, and then we’ll take care of everything else. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo practitioner, medium-sized practice, or a large healthcare organization.

We offer medical billing services in Mount Vernon to all practice specialties across the country. We offer many levels of service, depending on your budget. Regardless of service level, we save you money, increase revenue, and increase productivity which will positively impact your bottom line. Our credentialing experts leverage deep industry knowledge along with technology to deliver provider credentialing in a shorter time than any other company in the industry.

American Medical Association or AMA has given and maintains these codes. This organization keeps updating the rules and codes as per the new advancements in the medical world. These codes just outline the contract between the provider and client, the pay and services have to be discussed between the two parties themselves.


Our services include Claim Submission Accuracy, Revenue Cycle Management, Beginning to End Claim Management, Denied Claims Analysis & Exceptional Real-Time Reporting. Our qualified staff has the experience necessary to bill and collect your claims successfully. Your claims will be handled with proficiency and accuracy. Each client has a dedicated team managing all aspects of the billing and collections process streamlined. This team includes experienced billers, credentialing specialists, revenue cycle managers, auditing teams, and compliance specialists.

Schedule an appointment today and get an answer to your every query. You will achieve the medical practice goals with better efficiency, profits, and time. Your one step today can save you from countless periods of stress in the future.