Medical Coding Services


It is a process of converting the healthcare provider’s diagnosis, prescription, treatment, services and condition of the patient into suitable and encrypted medical codes. This includes all the doctor’s notes, lab reports and test lists. Our skilled professionals do this at Ibex medical billing. We follow medical billing and coding rules at Ibex. Specialized medical coders can transcribe the codes to manage the whole health care insurance ad revenue cycle management system. These codes are used for many services.

Some of them are given below:

  • Claim denial management:

The right and accurate medical coding can result in a quick reimbursement of payments and avoid any medical claim denials. It reduces the extra expenses that can occur in case of claim denial.

Coders generate medical codes at every visit of the patient. Coder take history and add it to the record.

  • Patient’s diagnosis:

We record Early diagnosis of the patient and transcribe into suitable medical codes. These codes are used to ensure a quick start for insurance services. We use CPT codes to document the diagnosis.

  • Prescription:

Our skilled professionals convert early prescription of physicians into medical codes. They are understandable only to equally skilled personnel at the insurance company. The ICD codes take care of the prescription transcription.

  • Treatments:

As stated earlier, ICD medical coding also cover all the ongoing and done treatments of the patient. The ongoing record helps to choose the insurance benefits for both the patient and the medical billing service provider. All the services received as treatments are also added.

  • Condition:

Our team at Ibex record condition of the patient after every medication and treatment  in the form of medical codes.  They enlist all the right treatments and suitable medications. It serves as the patient’s history.

  • Additional notes:

Additional notes from physicians, psychiatrists and laboratory results are also converted into medical codes. They are end-to-end encrypted and are a very secure source of information. It requires skills as well as a good knowledge of physiology, anatomy and guidelines of insurance services to create a perfect medical code and service.

Coding Audits And Backlogs:

Coders use coding audits to double check on the transcribed codes to avoid any errors in the further process. Ibex medical coders can help you to clear the backlogs to remove the error that are causing the delay in your process.

Medical codes use CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems. The medical biller handles all the processes involved in claim management. They both can be the same person or different, it all depends on the skill level. Coding mistakes can cost so much. In the presence of so many diseases, treatments and insurance services, one has to be very careful to choose the accurate code of transcription.


The benefits of using IBEX medical coding services are:

  • Perfect ICD-10 acquiescence
  • Less claim denials
  • Great revenue
  • Accurate clinical documentation on all levels
  • Global delivery
  • Consistent and up to date information

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