providercredentialingProvider/Physician/Doctor/Medical credentialing is the process to check the medical or health care services provider’s information, in short credentialing helps to provide the patient with the best services. It helps to differentiate a licensed skilled professional and accurately qualified person from imposters. Most insurance companies and healthcare organizations need this verification.

  • When is credentialing required:

    • At the start of new practice.
    • Changing the practice
    • Joining new course of practice
    • New payer verification
    • Credentialing maintenance

Now let’s take a look at the process of provider’s credentialing:

  • Process of provider’s credentialing:

Generally, PCP outsources the credentialing process to a third-party organization. They follow some steps to verify the credentials of the required professional. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Clinic verification:

The clinic where the physician is practicing at, is verified as the first step.

We monitor the training and competence of other practicing physicians  to ensure the safety of the workplace and the skill level.

  1. Eligibility criteria:

The healthcare provider’s license and practice is verified if they are suitable to work as a healthcare provider. Their information is verified to check if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. Although the physicians and providers provide their own verified information, they are also double-checked.

  1. Ground rules:

Some basic rules are then set to refuse specialized verification after the pre-application procedure. Everyone has to follow these rules.

  1. Reapplication process:

Professionals and Ibex establish a reapplication process for the physicians that have been rejected in the first verification check or credentialing. They can again apply for credentialing to keep practicing by following the steps of the reapplication process.

  1. Quick credentialing procedures:

A mechanism or set of procedures is also made and practiced for quick credentialing of short-term employed and new providers in the future.

  1. Provider limitations:

The sixth step ensures that the providers violating guidelines and are not capable to fulfill the healthcare requirements are limited to reapply and practice anymore.

Provider credentialing enhances the practitioner’s profile and practice. IBEX medical billing company excels at providing the most accurate credentials. It builds trust and confidence between a healthcare seeker and a healthcare provider. It helps to identify and blacklist fake graduates that can risk a patient’s life and the integrity of the institute and organization. At this time, especially after the Covid pandemic, it is crucial to make sure that no negligence is undergoing.

Benefits of choosing our credentialing services:

  1. We gather all the required documents and data to maintain a perfect credentialing profile for a physician.
  2. The information is secured and encrypted in our highly sensitive document management system.
  3. We initiate contact with the payer ourselves for sending claims.
  4. We do accurate payer-specific arrangements after every audit.
  5. We always follow up and keep the application position up to date with the payer.
  6. We also communicate with the physician by getting their registration number from the payer.
  7. Our document database is always maintained to be up to date.
  8. We also provide tracking and renewals in case of expirations.

In short, we take care of all of your credentialing needs. Book your free appointment now.