Medical Billing Services In CaliforniaLike any other business or place in the world, medical workers and hospitals need a consistent cash flow to maintain the progress they are making and grow even bigger. Payment is everyone’s favorite part of working but it also comes with exhausting procedures and time taking arrangements. Especially the medical billing services in California requires painstakingly accurate management. Even a tiny mistake will make you redo the entire procedure from step one. For accurate billing billing companies must have the proper knowledge or experience in handling medical billing services.

Years of Experience:

At Ibex medical billing company in California, we have years of experience in medical billing and coding techniques, which makes us one of the top medical billing companies in California. We will not only help you to be free of all your medical billing services burdens and timely claims but also with faster revenue. You will have more time to practice and take care of your patients.

Outsourcing Medical billing:

In this era of global inflation and an unstable economy, almost every medical practitioner chooses an outsourced medical billing company in California. It helps them to concentrate on what they have taken oath for care freely. Outsourcing your medical billing services in California is a very beneficial decision for your business. Daily management of the practice and patient responsibility is already very disturbing for a practitioner’s workflow. Outsourcing your medical billing services to a third party is therefore a wise decision in the economy of California.

Ibex Dental and Medical billing and coding services is offering a wide range of management services that will help the doctors do their primary work as health care providers with no extra burden. Below are some of the features we are offering to our clientele.

Features we are offering:

  • Cutting-edge and up-to-date Medical Billing Services in California
  • Latest technology involved in Electronic Claims Processing, Submission, and RCM with complete documentation.
  • Verification of demographics and authentication of eligibly criteria of desired medical billing services
  • Immediate payments, constant follow-up reports, and flawless revenue generation mechanism
  • Patients’ data, treatment history and records management, real-time compliance to every issue, and quick electronic payments
  • Instant claim resubmission in case of claim denials, although are claim prevention system is as strong as we are guaranteeing you a 94% claim success rate for the first time.
  • Medical billing services for every field in California
  • 24/7 assistance

The management of medical billing services in California by yourself is a whole lot of work.


Don’t worry, Ibex Medical Billing Company in California is here for every billing and coding need of yours. We know that medical professionals have to give their full attention and time to their patients and any other responsibility can affect their work which is definitely not desired by anyone.

We are one of the top medical billing companies in California. Our assistance is live 24/7 to answer your queries and satisfy your billing and coding needs. Hurry up and book an appointment now to get a customized package for your desired insurance services specially designed just for you