Medical Billing Services in Yonkers

Our clinical billing services enable providers to increase practice performance. In addition, you can maximize practice profitability for Medical Billing Services in Yonkers by ibex medical billing company. Further, we help practices to drive large revenues with our clean claim submission approach and continuous follow-ups according to AMA guidelines

Billing Process

Insurance follow-ups, claims processing, and other administrative functions can take valuable time away from the healthcare practice. Healthcare providers offer crucial services to patients, and the billing process is essential to their business operations. For support and a successful revenue generation cycle, efficient medical billing services is highly necessary. Get the most efficient solution by choosing to outsource your administrative requirements to an experienced company.

Billing Code Errors

Billing code errors are one of the reasons for the rejection or denial of claims. It’s vital to find them out and eliminate them before the claim’s submission to payers. We follow the reliable and error-free claim scrubbing policy that ensures accuracy and provide a very professional physicians services experience to clients and make reimbursements spike up! Ibex strive to make the practice revenues so much better by giving them the one-in-all solution.

Faster Reimbursements

AR follow-ups helps the healthcare service providers run their practice smoothly and successfully, while ensuring the owed amount is refunded back in as short a time as possible. You can receive your payments faster with for small practices and implement proficient denial management strategy. Our company enables healthcare practices to reduce the days of claims in A/R and speed up the process. Reach out to ibex medical billing company to financially strengthen your practice.


Streamline your collection and reimbursement processes and refocus on patient care delivery with comprehensive medical billing.

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