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Charge Entry

Our team guarantees the entry of the data and accuracy within a 24 hours timeline of receipt.

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Claim Submission

Within 24 hours, our team processes all the accurate claims  received to the insurance company.

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Accounts Receivable

With our expert medical billing service, we make sure to follow-up with all insurance companies

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Customized Reports

Ibex Medical Billing will give you customized reports weekly and monthly according to the trends of your bills and how we should collaboratively improvise the bills and collections.

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Eligibility Verification

Our team verifies the eligibility of the patients and follow-up with the concerned insurance companies so your medical care unit doesn’t have to do follow-ups and face the losses in the year end

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24/7 Support

Ibex Medical realizes the fact that medical service centers have to be available for support 24/7 because of emergencies. We provide 24/7 support to patients and clients for their smooth appointments and checkups.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are striving to handle all the changing regulations by themselves, shifting to value-based reimbursements as well as consolidations and mergers, which bring forth a unique set of challenges.

Ibex Medical Billing approach is to cater all the doctors and health care practitioners in United States

Medical Billing Services

Error free charge entry

Real time insurance verification

Claim submission and scrubbing

Payment posting

Patient posting

Follow ups and appeals

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Medical Coding Services

Save valuable time and get paid faster by sending clean insurance claims the first time by our experienced team of coders at Ibex Medical Billing.

Correcting claim errors ensures a smooth process, faster payments which helps lower account receivables, improve cash flow and profitability for your practice.

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Practice Management

Our Practice Management Services will take care of various time-consuming tasks as you observe a significant improvement in productivity. Which includes

Credentialing & Enrollment

Smart Billing Solutions

Patient Services

Denials and Appeals Management

Safe and secure Patient documentation

Appointment Scheduling

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Denial Management

At Ibex Medical Billing we make sure that our client gets paid faster by providing effective Denial Management to attend to the actual cause of every denied and rejected claim.
Our committed team inspects and studies all denials,efficiently resolving andresubmitting insurance claims. We thoroughly recognize and resolve the problem soyou can get paid on time.
We provide comprehensive medical billing and revenue cycle management for clinicians, practices, and hospitals.

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Provider Credentialing

Ibex medical billing take care of the concerns related to provider enrollment and physician credentialing services.

We take care of the all the paperwork, eradicating all the misunderstandings and follow up with insurance companies and continue until the job is done.
Our team takes on all of the responsibilities that typically fall on your staff, unburdening your
team to focus on more important tasks.
Put your faith on Ibex, our professional team!

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Unique Features of Ibex Medical Billing

Following are few unique features Ibex Medical Billing is providing you!

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  • Instant Start.
    After subscribing to Ibex Medical Billing you will get our team’s immediate attention and will start working on the deliverables. Our team will take control of revenue cycle of your health care system.
  • No Initial Fees and hidden charges
    We will not charge for initial subscription and there won’t be any hidden costs attached to it. We will share with you crystal clear plan for payments.
  • 24/7 Support
    Being in the medical industry, Ibex Medical Billing believes it is essential to provide 24/7 support to the clients and patients. Our support team will always be available to assist our customers in case of any query.
Bonus Point – You surely would not want to miss this!
We will nominate a single point of contact for our each client.

Why so? This way you don’t get in a hotchpotch situation to contact for your queries and every time talking to different person for your query. We realize the importance of your time and would not want our clients to introduce their business altogether again every time. Your nominated POC will have all the information readily available for you!