Urgent care billing services providers

Urgent care billing refers to the process of charging patients and insurance companies for medical services provided at urgent care centers. This includes services such as consultations, examinations, treatments, procedures and medications. Urgent care centers typically bill using CPT codes, which are specific codes used to describe medical procedures and services for billing purposes. They also handle insurance claims and payments, ensuring the patient receives the necessary medical care while the center is reimbursed for their services.

Here with all our knowledge and with our experienced medical billing specialists you can be confident that your claims will be coded accurately and filed correctly with appropriate modifiers.

We offer proven urgent care billing services

We assure you that your urgent medical billing process must be accurate and speedy. Below are some facilities that we are providing to raise patient satisfaction.

Accurate data compilation on front desk:

At a proper front desk, the receptionist will take the necessary information when the patient executes an appointment and comes on an urgent basis. They will gather and record accurate information on urgent care centers in a database. There are two types of information (primary & secondary). The primary information includes the patient’s name, DOB, address, etc. and the reason for visit. And the secondary one includes the name of health provider, the name of insurance provider, name of policy number, etc. The medical billing is more streamlined if the patient’s info is up to date.

We assure you fast claim submission:

Our dedicated team uses the state-of-the-art rules to make sure that your claims are complaint and accurate. We also pursue your claims to ensure that they are paid in full and on time. We also keep following up on any denied or unpaid claim. Our urgent care billing service providers follow all rules required by the insurance carriers.

We offer you a personalized support:

We know that urgent care is a dynamic field that needs befitting solutions, so we are providing personalized support in centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.

Accurate record of audit and payments:

Our proficient auditors routinely audit and report our billing process to make it error free. We ensure the accuracy of payments when they are received from the clients by following all rules and regulations.

The appealing process:

In case of denial and inaccurate payments we appeal so that health providers of urgent care clinics get their required reimbursement.

Following the rules and regulations:

We make sure the complete follow-up of the rules and regulations in payment of taxes and insurance to make it possible for your business to run smoothly without being obstructed by rules.

Eligibility check and charge entry:

This service lets urgent care centers verify their patient’s insurance and benefits. We also enter all the charges allied with each visit so that healthcare providers get their accurate reimbursement for the services they imparted.

Updating fee schedules on time:

It is an important part when you are working with insurance companies, especially when it comes to urgent care billing. Being an urgent care billing service provider, we set up fee schedules so that cost of living increases.

Benefits of outsourcing urgent care billing services

Urgent care billing requires accuracy and efficiency, that’s why you need an urgent care billing company that knows the tactics to get your claims pass and increase your revenue. You can have following advantages of outsourcing services

  • Generating better revenues
  • Decreased denials
  • Data protection
  • Efficient form of documentation
  • Accurate patient’s demographics
  • Better business operation during pandemics
  • Easy access of information

Our billing and coding experts know how to use accurate modifiers and urgent care specific codes for billing. Many healthcare providers need help in determining billing methodology for services they give in urgent care centers. Because there is a difference between codes used in medical care in a hospital room and in use in urgent care clinics. This confusion can lead to billing errors, and lost revenue.

Why you choose us?

Our well-trained billing and coding team is ready to take your urgent care hospitals to the next level. Our team has experience of handling the exceptional challenges. The extensive reporting system helps you to monitor your billing activity and increase revenues upon which you can take your decisions. We are all here to help you to navigate your coding and regulatory landscape so you can focus on the health of your patients.


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