Neurology Medical Billing Services

Neurology Medical Billing ServicesWorking as a neurologist can be complex and critical as neurological disorders are quite frequent. The treatments and expenses may go out of budget very quickly. With so many disorders, qualifying as neurological disorders, medical coding and billing for neurology is very time-consuming, complex, and overall contains a very large sum of codes. Outsourcing neurological medical billing can make your life easy. We, at ibex medical billing, will take all your billing burdens on our shoulders and work on maximizing your revenue generation. The steps that we follow are given below:

  1. Insurance Eligibility Criteria Authentication:

First, we run a details eligibility check to verify all the details of the patients. It includes all the demography and financial situations. Then we cross-match it with the desired neurology insurance services to authenticate whether they are eligible for it or not. We also guide them on their suitable neurology insurance services.

  1. Appropriate Medical Codes:

We then find appropriate and the most accurate codes for neurology billings. All of our coding systems are fully in compliance with HIPAA including ICD, HCPCS, CPT, etc.

  1. Medical Billing Services:

IMB uses advanced techniques and the latest medical billing software for automated billing. We make a database for the transcribes and coded medical records and start the process of claim submission.

  1. Audit:

We audit our data to double-check the accuracy and HIPAA compliance as well. It gives further assurance of claim success rate.

  1. Claim Denial Management:

Our focus is mainly on claim denial prevention, but if claim denial happens in any case, we manage to submit a rechecked and accurate claim. We thoroughly evaluate our errors and mistakes and also keep a record of them to avoid any further claim denials.

  1. Medical Claim Submission:

We then process the claims to get aligned in a standard format. The claims then get ready to be submitted to the insurance provider company. We offer a high success rate and very quick claim denial management.

If you want to outsource your neurology medical bills, choose us.

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  • Our team is a highly qualified group of professionals. We are certified to excellence.
  • We have an end-to-end encrypted secure database for all your details. It is only accessible by you or us. No third party is involved and there won’t be any breach of your privacy on our watch.
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