Medical Billing Services in Nevada
Medical Billing Services in Nevada

Ibex Medical Billing services has expertise with Nevada medical billing. With Ibex’s best  technology and the fact we provide around the clock access to our system, we are as close as your keyboard and phone in terms of providing outstanding customer service and answering any question that you may have about the status of your accounts receivable.

Working with Ibex, which has experience with Nevada medical billing provides a significant advantage for your medical practice or facility.

Our Medical billing services with knowledge and experience:

  1. Demonstrate expertise concerning local payers like Medicaid and Worker Comp.
  2. Have created direct lines of communication with the representatives within larger payers who deal with Nevada medical billing situations. These direct lines of communication allow Ibex to more rapidly solve your medical billing issues.
  3. Have understanding of and experience with rules and regulations specific to Iowa that govern medical billing in Nevada. For instance, Nevada’s clean claim laws can be used to deal with slow payers and it is critical to understand Nevada’s consumer collection laws when calling patients about their balances on medical claims.
  4. Have knowledge concerning enrolment with Nevada payers like Medicare and Medicaid as well as understand the claim format issues for local payers.

Ibex brings your practice a powerful combination of local expertise and nationwide breadth of coverage. This allows us to take knowledge gained from outside Nevada and use it to better serve your practice. This can act as an “early warning” system because many changes that will ultimately affect Nevada start in other states. In addition, when we uncover payer issues that extend not just beyond your practice but beyond your state, it enhances our ability to battle the insurance company for your money.

When making your decision concerning outsourcing Medical billing,

please consider Ibex Medical Billing:
  • Knows Nevada medical billing well;
  • Utilizes best-of-breed technology that gives you world-class billing with “the company next door” medical billing support and service;
  • Has a track record of delivering incredible increases in billing performance with most clients realizing a collection growth of greater % This collection improvement is typically combined with a decrease in AR days to under 40 days.
  • Provides you with an incredible team that includes not only talented medical billing specialists, but is enhanced with trained process engineers, technology experts and medical professionals;
  • Has in place the medical billing industry’s only service level guarantee that can give you true peace of mind concerning your medical billing outsourcing decision.

Ibex expertise in Nevada medical billing can provide you with enhanced economic security and performance. To learn more please visit our website