Medical Billing Services in Connecticut
Medical Billing Services in Connecticut


We are a team with of experience in revenue cycle management and medical billing and coding services. We bill and code complete treatment details of patients and send them to the insurance companies to settle the reimbursements without any delay.

Our team at Ibex Medical Billing understands how doctors are short pressed for time during the weekdays, and so are patients with their daily routine. With this understanding, we make ourselves available 24/7 all through the year to solve coding and billing issues, and ensure you get your payments on time.

Your patients can call us anytime for any kind of clarification regarding the Medical Billing Services in Connecticut while you sit back and keep a tab on the revenue cycle management process remotely. We are here to increase your revenue and cut down operational costs with services that are at par with international standards.

Save your Precious time and money, on a daily basis! Enjoy Our Services

Features We Are Offering:

  • Cutting-edge and up-to-date Medical Billing Services in Connecticut
  • Latest technology involved in Electronic Claims Processing, Submission, and RCM with complete documentation.
  • Verification of demographics and authentication of eligibly criteria of desired medical billing services
  • Immediate payments, constant follow-up reports, and flawless revenue generation mechanism
  • Patients’ data, treatment history and records management, real-time compliance to every issue, and quick electronic payments
  • Instant claim resubmission in case of claim denials, although are claim prevention system is as strong as we are guaranteeing you a 94% claim success rate for the first time.
  • Medical billing services for every field in Connecticut
  • 24/7 assistance

The management of medical billing services in Connecticut by yourself is a whole lot of work.


Don’t worry, Ibex Medical Billing Company in Connecticut is here for every billing and coding need of yours. We know that medical professionals have to give their full attention and time to their patients and any other responsibility can affect their work which is definitely not desired by anyone.

We are one of the top medical billing companies in Connecticut. Our assistance is live 24/7 to answer your queries and satisfy your billing and coding needs. Hurry up and book an appointment now to get a customised package for your desired insurance.