Medical Billing Services in Colorado
Medical Billing Services in Colorado


Ibex Medical Billing company is a proud Maine-based company that offers end to end revenue cycle management services to physicians and medical billing companies in Colorado. Our goal is to help them manage their business in a way where they can focus on patient care and operations, not paperwork! By providing great services at reduced costs, we offer great Medical Billing services in Colorado.

As a medical billing outsourcing company, we have helped our clients grow their business by providing them with the resources they need to succeed while maintaining a competitive edge in today’s industry. We offer timesaving, cost-effective revenue cycle management services to your Colorado based practice. Ready to outsource your billing needs? We’ll guide you through your account receivables to make sure that your claims get paid.

Our Expertise Lies In:

  • Excellent understanding of fee schedules, Medicaid, and commercial payer regulations
  • Answering all patient queries regarding billing appropriately
  • Compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations to ensure accurate billing
  • Reducing administrative costs and ensuring timely reimbursement

We know how to follow up with insurance companies and we’ll be there every step of the way until your practice receives what is owed to it! Book an appointment today and let us help you, with our 24/7 active assistance and get a clearer view of everything, you won’t be disappointed. You can get medical billing services in Colorado for most of the specialties at Ibex medical billings. You just need to give us the details about your practice and the service you are seeking. We will give you a free demo so you can explore more to see if there is a fit. You will get to know our procedures and work closely to trust us wholeheartedly.