ChiropracticChiropractic Insurance Billing Services

Getting funds and payments for your chiropractic treatment services by an insurance company is chiropractic insurance billing. Chiropractors can lose up to 40% of revenue via underbilling patients. Medical billing scams can also partake in this. The chiropractic medical bills can get very high and sometimes get out of your budget.

If you don’t have the spare time to deal with all these problems in your life, come to us at ibex medical billing. We excel at providing the best chiropractic billing services anyone can offer. We guarantee you a high claim success rate. Your search ends here!

Let us take a deeper look at all the benefits you will get from giving your billing responsibilities to our highly qualified team of professionals.

  1. Billing Registration:

Our certified medical coders collect all the required information including insurance and demographic information. Our software and information portals are end-to-end encrypted and highly sensitive. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your data anymore.

  1. Verification:

We give insurance verification services with chiropractic medical billing services. It helps to check the eligibility of the patients and verifies the credibility of their information before even starting the coding and claim process.

  1. Chiropractic Medical Billing and Coding Services:

Our professional coders are highly qualified and the perfect fit for this sensitive job. We have years of experience with the format and accuracy of medical coding and billing services and systems. All of our services and techniques are fully in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

  1. Claim Denial Prevention and Management:

Ibex medical focus more on claim denial prevention than claim denial management. However, we keep track of all our denied claims, if any. We analyze our errors and make a database to prevent any future errors. We take care of you and us together.

  1. Follow-Ups Ups:

At Ibex we do regular follow-ups. We keep contacting and checking up on our clients and insurance service providers to keep the cash flow smooth and steady.

Now let’s take a look at what makes us special. Why should you choose ibex medical billing for your chiropractic medical billing services?

  • We have highly affordable service rates. We will give you an itemized payment list for transparent and honest billing.
  • Our services and rates are flexible and negotiable. Book an appointment and you might as well get a discount package for the services of your choice.
  • We have a very secure database with highly sensitive software and encryption protection. We would not let compromise your privacy.
  • We work on claim prevention techniques and claim denial management. You will be hearing the happy news very soon.
  • We used the latest and far the best-advanced software for chiropractic medical coding and billing.
  • Our techniques and services are fully HIPAA and LCD complied.
  • Our EHR or electronic health records are regularly analyzed and updated. Your secure and private information is only accessible to us and you. No third party is involved.

We guarantee you the best possible Chiropractic billing and coding services for maximum cash flow. Book a free appointment now and see for yourself.