Important Signs for the Requirement of Medical Billing Specialist
Signs for Requirement of Medical Billing Specialist

The blog outlines some of the ways that Medical Billing Specialist can positively benefit and add value to organizations:   Medical Billing Companies are involved in collecting medical expense payment for medical practices and hospitals. Medical billing companies specialize in analysing medical bills and are able to charge a higher amount than the actual cost […]

Importance of types and differences in Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process of producing and submitting health insurance claims.  Outsourced organizations  provide these services on the behalf of the providers   Medical billing/bills can be divided into two categories: Professional billing Institutional billing Let’s take a look at both Types of Medical Billing:  Professional Billing Doctors and physicians use this category more […]

Medical Billing Coding & Rules
Medical Billing & Coding Rules and Regulations

PHI or protected health information is necessary for medical billing companies to perform their tasks lawfully. HIPAA rules are there for medical billing companies to work accordingly. Title II of HIPAA Title II of HIPAA avoids any fraudulent or abusive administration of medical billing companies. It allows appropriate use of protected health information or PHI. […]

Steps In Handling Denied Claims Management
Steps in Handling Denied Medical Claims Management

Speaking about healthcare claims, it is crucial for maximum efficiency to design a system that handles denied claims well. Good handling of denied claims is necessary to maintain and keep track of the potential pay loss and gain and also to start an operational claims management organization. Following are some of the strategies enlisted for […]

Points To Ponder For The Selection Of Medical Billing Partner
Points to ponder for selection of the right Medical Billing Partner

Healthcare providers choose medical coding and billing companies very wisely because their revenue generation depends on it. There are many organizations providing services worldwide. There are so many types such as professional medical billing, small medical billing and physician practice management companies etc. The competition is high and it’s very tough for organizations to choose […]

5 Strategies To Maximize Your Medical Billing Collections
5 Strategies to Maximize Your Medical Billing Collections….

The health care system relies upon many things including a major role of Medical Billing Collections. Organizations face difficulties in collecting payments from patients and also insurers. A medical billing expert gathers all the compulsory information to organize medical bills such as patient demographics, clinical facilities delivered, insurance coverage etc. He then collects medical bills […]

Credentialing The How & Why....

  Medical or Provider’s Credentialing It is the process for medical organizations and insurance companies to authenticate the credentials of healthcare providers. It helps them to verify their mandatory licenses, certifications and proper patient caring skills. It assures that a doctor meets the criteria for providing medical care. The Payer validates the doctor’s training, certificate, […]