Radiology Medical Billing

Radiology Medical BillingRadiology is used for both diagnosis and treatment. Patients and doctors can be compensated for their radiology services easily by radiology medical billing. Radiology practices can be quite expensive.

The global inflation, and increasing costs of infrastructures and machines, it can eat a big chunk of your balance. But fear not, we are here to drain this burden out of your life. We guarantee you that by opting for our radiology billing services, you can make the most of reimbursements and profits.

Medical billing for radiology is quite a new and unique concept. It can also be a challenge for radiologists themselves along with the patients. It is a continuously evolving and advancing technology. That’s why there is a constant demand for new codes in radiology billing. It can be a hard nut to crack, but we are here for you.

Radiology is different from other medical billing types.

It can be professional or technical:
  • Technical radiology means a radiologist using radiology apparatus, machines, and dyes. The bill would be called the technical bill of radiology.
  • The bills for the result of using these things called the diagnosis, falls under the category of the professional component of radiology.

Our team has certified and highly qualified professionals who will guarantee you your desired results. Ibex offer our expertise in CT or computed tomography, diagnostic radiology, MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, fluoroscopy, mammography, MRA or magnetic resonance angiography, X-ray, interventional radiology procedures and so much more.

Now let’s take a look at the insights of our highly advanced services.

  1. Maximum Revenue Generation for Radiology Medical Billing:

Our focus on claim denial prevention more than claim denial management. Team Ibex keep a record of all our denied claims and prevent them from doing the same mistakes and having the same errors to assure a better success rate of claim acceptance. Ibex always tend to improve our practice and management.

  1. Underbilling Identification:

Ibex team keep tabs on our expected and received payments. IMB always take care of your payments and would never let you down. We try our best to prevent underbilling and underpayment.

  1. Business At Its Best:

We excel at business also. We make customized appointments, and reports at your request. We will help and support you to make better decisions and implementations. IMB will help you reduce the cost and achieve your desired clinical and operational competence.

  1. Authentication:

IMB will give you a complete eligibility check and verification of your requirements before even starting the process of medical billing for your radiology services. We will assist you at every step of this whole process.

Our radiology medical billing services highlights are as follow:

  • Regular follow-ups and status checking
  • Customized reports and studies
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports
  • Secure database and private data
  • No long-term yearly contracts, only short-term contracts
  • Cost-effective and pocket friendly
  • Quick turnaround
  • Fastest service
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Online appointment booking
  • All radiology services billing available

You can have all these radiology billing services in one place. Book an appointment