Podiatry medical billing

Podiatry Medical BillingWhen we talk about podiatry medical billing, podiatry deals with injuries, diagnosis, treatments and surgeries related to leg, ankle and foot. A podiatrist is a specialist that takes care of all the lower body problems. These problems can occur due to age, aggressive sports, diabetes or many other different health issues etc.

Importance of Podiatry Medical Billing:

Many insurance services do not get coverage for several podiatry problems, because they consider it as normal or secondary procedure which is not always life threatening. That’s why podiatry billing is very important for a patient and a physician as well. A doctor is well qualified and trained for their job in their field. That’s why they can’t understand the complexities of podiatry billing and coding well and fall victim of claim denials. 


Outsourcing your podiatry billing to us at Ibex medical billings will solve these problems for you because our team of professional is certified in specialized podiatry billing and RCM. There are several ways we can rescue you from wasting your time and burdening yourself with extra hassles such as:

Several Ways:

We can enhance and maximize your reimbursements from your insurance service providers. Our podiatry billing and coding team will go to every extent to choose the best service and most accurate coding for you. We will prevent claim denials more than managing those claim denials.

  • We will tell you the eligibility criteria and verify the patient’s eligibility for insurance of podiatry billing by double checking their demographics in real time. We will authenticate the insurance service you want in just a matter of hours and give you complete documentation of everything you need. We would never give you false hopes and your patients high expectations unless those are the truth. We believe that honest is the best policy.
  • We will keep up to date tabs on a patient’s medical history for podiatry billing. You can access all the appointments, lab results, your notes and all the history of your patients in just a few clicks. It will make your good rapport with the podiatry patients for a long time.
  • We will take care of all the errors that can occur before podiatry billing claim submission. This will avoid any stress on your or our part.
    • Late filling or submission of the podiatry billing claims
    • Inaccurate coding
    • Under or over information, which is the biggest reason of claim denials
    • Not providing the complete documentation.

We understand our job very well and we are guaranteeing that any of those errors would not occur from our side.

  • We are completely aware of the ever-changing HIPAA, insurance companies and federal laws about podiatry billing. That’s why our technology and software for podiatry billing and coding the latest you can get. This will make sure that you are not wasting your time with us and would get the true reward for your trust on us.
  • We will also help you to communicate with your patients about realistic podiatry billing payments beforehand. This is to avoid any bittersweet word fights and denials in the future.

For podiatry medical billing or any other specialty, book your appointment today.  We look forward to helping you solve the challenges you are facing with a customized offering that suits your need.