Physiatrist Medical Billing

Physiatrist Medical BillingPhysiatrist Medical Billing is a very specialized specialty. Physiatrists or Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians deals with all the disorders, diagnosis, surgeries and treatments related to brain, spinal cord, nervous system, muscular system, bones, ligaments, joint and tendons etc. As you can see, it is a very complex job and requires a high level of qualification and practice. With this already tough and time-consuming job, taking care of all the physiatrist medical billing and coding would be an unnecessary burden on the physiatrist, because it is also a full-time job. That is why we are here. Ibex medical billing is offering you to outsource your physiatrist medical billing responsibilities to us. It will release any extra burden from your shoulders, and you can do your job in peace. 

The most effective method to get proper and maximum reimbursements from your insurance service provider is professional physiatrist medical billing and coding. Even a small error can delay the payment process and result in claim denials. Outsourcing your physiatrist medical billing and coding to us will maximize your revenue generation, patient flow and rapport. 

Let us give you some brief points that would help you to strengthen your decision of choosing us as your physiatrist medical billing company.


  • We are offering the immediate boost in your revenue generation.
  • Our medical billing process is fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Our team believes in efficiency, excellence, determination and a stress-free work.
  • We work on preventing claim denials more than managing those claim denials
  • We are assuring you the most accurate and fast coding for your medical billing.
  • We will help you get maximum reimbursements in the minimum amount of time.
  • You don’t have to worry if our office is not near you, we are providing fully online appointments for you. Our assistance is 24/7 here to keep you on track for your medical billing.
  • Our team of certified professionals are experienced to work with emergency rooms, in patient wards, urgent cares, intensive cares, specialty clinics and many other different local, private and government healthcare systems. We have everything you need for your medical billing needs.
  • Our coding team is highly competent. We excel in ICD-10 and CPTmedical billing and coding systems to the highest level possible.
  • We also take care of all the claim submissions, claim denial prevention, claim denial management, AR or accounts receivable management, payment postings, charge entries and up to date follow ups etc. Your medical billing would be on point with us.
  • We are offering you a complete revenue cycle management or RC,M management. You just have to relax, do your physiatrist job and see the payments received in your bank account.
  • Our medical billing data base is very secure and end to end encrypted. We would never compromise on the security of your data. Only you or us can access your details, no third party is involved.

Choosing Ibex Medical Billing  is same as hiring more staff to ease your workload but in a very small fee rather than full waged workers. So, for physiatrist medical billing or any other specialty, book your appointment now and get tension free.