Pediatric Cardiology Medical Billing

Pain Management Billing ServicesCardiology deals with syndromes and abnormalities of the heart. Pediatric cardiology is a branch of cardiology where the physician or pediatric cardiologist deals with the diagnosis, treatments, and overall procedure of children and infants with heart diseases and conditions. Pediatric cardiologists often work with a team on complex multi-disciplinary disorders.

Medical billing and coding is very complex and time-consuming since it contains a very large sum of codes, That’s why outsourcing it can make your life easy. We, at ibex medical billing, will take all of your billing burdens on our shoulders with a special focus on maximizing your revenue generation. Below are the steps that we follow:


First, a detailed verification check is run to make sure all the details of the patients are correct. Information in this regard includes all the financial situations and their demography. Then the attained data is cross-matched with the desired medical billing insurance services in order to authenticate whether they are or aren’t eligible for it. Our services also include guiding them on their suitable pediatric cardiology insurance services.


Next step is to find accurate and appropriate codes for pediatric cardiology medical billing. Being the best, all of our coding systems are fully in compliance with HIPAA and are AAPC certified including CPT, ICD, HCPCS, etc.


We use advanced techniques and the latest pediatric cardiology medical billing software for automated billing. Before starting the process of submission of claims, a database is made for the transcribes and coded medical records.


The main focus of our services is on claim denial prevention, however even after strict management, if claim denial did happen in any of the cases, we manage as such to submit a rechecked and accurate claim. Our errors and mistakes are thoroughly evaluated and a record is kept of them so that in the future, further claim denials can be avoided.


After all the above-stated steps, we process the pediatric cardiology medical billing claims to get aligned in a standard format. Only then do the claims get ready for submission to the insurance provider company. Ibex medical billing company offers a high success rate and quickest claim denial management.

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Following are some more points to clear any of the doubts that you might have;

  • Our team members are highly qualified and certified to Excellence professionals.
  • Our pediatric cardiology medical billing database is an end-to-end encrypted and secure database that is used for all your details. No one except you and us can have access to No third party is involved and that’s why there won’t be any breach of your privacy on our watch.
  • We, Ibex Medical Billing Company are giving you a whopping 94% pediatric cardiology medical billing claim success rate. Sounds wonderful right?
  • Our services are cost-effective and up to 35% faster as compared to other services, keeping your pocket along with your heart at peace.
  • Our prices and packages are flexible and negotiable because we care for you and your time.
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