Orthopaedic Medical Billing

Orthopaedic Medical BillingThe bones, ligaments, muscles, and the whole Musculoskeletal system is dealt with in orthopaedics. It involves movement and mobility. Orthopaedic billing requires a thorough and advanced understanding of billing services as compared to other medical billings. More than 30% of claims get denied and almost 25% of them get rejected. These high rates can even lead to bankruptcy and compromised services. We at ibex medical billing specialize in providing a high success rate of orthopedic medical billing. Our professional team is certified in excellence. We guarantee a higher success rate. Let me give you a glance at the services we give in orthopedic medical billing to fulfill all your needs under one roof.

  1. Insurance Eligibility Check:

We give you a complete eligibility check for the insurance service you are seeking. Ibex team will give all the details about the requirements. We run a thorough verification check and provide you with all the information and documentation to save you from all the hassles. You just need to fill out your required information and you are good to go. Our orthopedic billing is known to increase revenue, cash flow, and reputation.

  1. Charges And Payments:

Charge entry is one of the first steps in the medical billing process. It is a determinant of the eligibility and amount a patient will receive from the insurance service provider. It also determines the charge that you have to give to the hospital. Our team of professionals is certified to add the data flawlessly to reduce any claim denial risks beforehand.

  1. Orthopaedic Billing:

We have a separate orthopaedic medical billing team. We check the patient’s requirements and information several times before sending them to the insurance company. Ibex team will verify and analyze all the data including doctors’ notes, transcriptions, reports, and lab tests. They are then assigned the most appropriate orthopedic billing codes. We double-check the codes are again as even a single incorrect code can lead to claim denials or rejections. We keep track of all our orthopedic claim denials and analyze them to avoid any future errors. This way we can guarantee you a 94% success rate.

  1. Providers Credentialing:

Our provider credentialing techniques allow a patient to use their insurance benefits for orthopaedic treatments and services. The perk is that our technique also helps doctors to get paid for the medical services they are providing.

Some other benefits that you can exclusively get from using orthopaedic medical billing at ibex medical billings are:

  • Improved RCM efficiency
  • Less than 10% claim denial rate
  • Payment and bills adjustments
  • A professional team member especially there for you
  • Latest technology and software

We excel in accurate and advanced orthopaedic medical billing and coding services. We ensure regular follow-ups and online appointments to save you from unnecessary burdens. Our focus is more on denial prevention than on denial management. We care for your health and your pocket as well. Our experts at 24/7 available for you to take all your worries away. Book an appointment now.