Optometry medical billing

Optometry Medical BillingOptometry deals with all the diagnoses, disorders, abnormalities, treatments, surgeries, and medicines related to the eye and its related structures. It is a very complex and delicate job that needs a lot of experience and time to become good at. A very simple mistake can lead to irreversible damage. Optometrists have to be fully focused and concerned about their job and not let anything interfere with their specialty. With that being said, you may wonder how would they focus on their optometry medical billing and coding then. They would not. 

We will do their optometry medical billing and coding work for them. Receiving funds and payments for optometry services by insurance service providers is what we call optometry medical billing. Under billing patients and scammers can cause them to lose up to 40% of their optometry medical billing revenues. We at ibex medical billings excel at providing the best optometry medical billing services anyone can offer. Your search ends here!

Let us give you some more reasons to choose us.

  1. Billing registration:

Ibex team will gather and verify all the demographical information of your optometry patients on the first appointment.  

  1. Eligibility verification:

We will completely check and authenticate with the insurance service provider about all the medical billing services you need. In case you are not eligible for them, our team of professionals will also find you suitable services that you ate eligible for in real-time.

  1. Optometry medical billing and coding:

IBM cares for you and understand that how complex an optometrist’s job can be. That’s why we are offering full HIPAA, government, AAPC, AMC, and health guidelines compliance in all of our medical billing services. You don’t have to worry about all of the scary legal stuff.

  1. Optometry medical billing claim denial prevention and management:

We at Ibex medical billing tend to work more on preventing the claim denials rather than managing the claim denials. IBM is ready in case, that’s why we have a complete and detailed record of all our denied claims to prevent and avoid any such future errors. We also double-check our coding before claim submission to give our 100%. We take care of you and us together.

Some more briefs of our medical billing services are as follows:

  • Our optometry medical billing service rates and packages are highly flexible. Come to us with your required services and we will give you a complete package with only your required services and no extra charges.
  • We have a very secure and end-to-end encrypted database that is only accessible to you or us. No third party is involved.
  • Ibex use the latest and most advanced software and techniques for medical billing and coding.
  • We will communicate and keep you updated on your claims regularly.

We guarantee you the best possible optometry medical billing and coding services for maximum reimbursements. Book a free appointment now and see for yourself.

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