Ophthalmology medical billing

Ophthalmology Medical BillingFor ophthalmology medical billing let us first define, ophthalmology,  Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that deals with eyes. It includes all the diagnosis, treatments and surgeries for eye disorders.

We at Ibex medical billing do medical billing for ophthalmology. The eye is a very delicate part of the body and insurance service providers have added tons of conditions for eligibility for ophthalmology insurance. The claim denial rates are high due to very small errors and slightest bit of differences in required and patient’s condition. This needs to be done by a professional, on point and up-to-date knowledge of insurance policies, guidelines and medical coding. A doctor or ophthalmologist has already a tough job to do, burdening him with all the ophthalmology medical billing responsibilities with only affect their productivity. That why you need to outsource your ophthalmology medical billing to third party like ophthalmology billing company. We at Ibex medical billing or IMB are ready to take care of your billing responsibilities by our certified team to let you work and thrive tension free. Now we are not only persuading you with just words to do this, we have gathered some valid points for you to check and then decide.


  • We provide you with patient’s demographic verification on the first appointment for medical billing. We will authenticate the patients name, age, contact, address, financial status and all the medical history in real time.
  • We will cross check the insurance service that you are seeking and tell you if you’re eligible for your medical billing services or not. In case you’re not, we will also provide you with insurance services that you are eligible for.
  • You’ll get all the payment, coverage , copayments and reimbursement information in a matter of hours.
  • We have the latest medical billing software and advanced technologies, that’s why we are offering an up to 94% claim acceptance rate for ophthalmology medical billing.
  • We will file all your ophthalmology claims in just a few clicks. We believe in time saving productivity.
  • We work on claim prevention management more than claim denial management. So you will only get precise and accurate coding for ophthalmology medical billing from out certified team of billers and coders.
  • In case of claim denial, we will immediately correct the errors and resubmit after double checking the accuracy.
  • We will help to you to increase you cash flow to greater extents in just a small amount of fee.
  • We will reimburse for under payments and help you to get you payments back in your bank accounts.
  • Our data base is end to end encrypted and very secure. Only you and us would have access to it, no third party is involved.
  • All of our ophthalmology medical billing processes are fully in HIPAA compliance.
  • We will give you a completely customized package as per your desires.
  • We are providing our clients with 24/7 assistance. We are available the time you need us.

If you are looking for ophthalmology medical billing, book an appointment now and get burden free. Check out our other medical billing services here if you need more info.