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Just like any other field of medical billing, Obgyn medical billings are complex and time consuming. They need specially certified coders with professional qualifications for a good revenue cycle management. Doctors can’t handle Obgyn medical billing services by their own with their already stressing and time taking jobs

The physicians have to see many patients every day. All the annual checkups, monthly checkups, pregnancy care etc. are included in Obgyn and obgyn medical billing services are applicable to them. These are the nonstop processes and medical billers have to work continuously.

We at ibex medical billings, make sure to prevent any under or over coding, to keep the work flow smooth and revenue generation flawless. All the medical billing services have specially designed codes, so the medical billing has different codes and rules for practitioners and patients.

Let us take a look at why the medical billing is a more complex and time taking process.

  • Big revenue

Apart from the monthly or yearly checkups, the medical billers and coders have to provide medical billing services for a whopping nine months in the case of pregnancy. The claims are of big amount and codes are large as well. It takes time and care to make the claims accurate, so that not to face any rejection or denial.

  • Insurance limitations

Obgyn is the short for Obstetrics and gynecology. The second limitation or reason for a complicated obgyn medical billing service management is that most of the insurance service providers try to exclude them from their insurance coverage or limit their benefits. The insurance services are provided with a ton of conditions and rules. We have to take care of them also to avoid any future denials.

  • Health care systems

The insurance providers also have some rules for the healthcare facilities for medical billing services. The conditions change in clinics, hospitals and house care. We have to take care of the differences in coding and billing while documenting the requirements for obgyn medical billing services.

Those were some of the hurdles that can make obgyn medical billing services a little more complicated than other medical billing services.

We at ibex medical billing services believe in putting our complete focus on your revenue generation, which lets you shift your complete focus on your practice and health care services. We believe in preventing and avoiding the claim denials more than managing them. If the denials do occur, which have a very thin chance, we clear the errors and resubmit immediately. Ibex medical billings have a database completely dedicated for the previous errors and mistakes to never let them happen again. We provide obgyn medical billing services fully complied with HIPAA and up to date with the latest health care and insurance rules. Our obgyn medical billing services are flexible and customizable according to your needs. We at ibex medical billing, work with the latest software and techniques.

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