Mental Health Medical Billing

Mental Health Medical BillingOur social, emotional, and psychological health and well-being are incorporated into mental health. Mental health impact our abilities to act, feel and think. It helps us to make healthy choices for ourselves and handle different situations in life. Mental health awareness is important and treating the disorders and conditions is very necessary. Outsourcing mental health medical billing is as important as all other medical procedures. However, mental health medical billing is slightly different from other branches of medical billing due to its spectrum and wide range of variables.

The procedure for mental health medical billing is almost the same as the other medical billing procedures


  • First, we verify the credentials of the patients from our reliable sources.
  • Then the eligibility criteria for the insurance services are authenticated.
  • If the patient is not eligible, we suggest them a suitable mental health insurance service.
  • After that, all the hospital visits, medical procedures, lab results, and doctors’ notes are transcribed into appropriate medical billing codes.
  • Appropriate payer forms are used for insurance purposes.
  • Then the claim submissions process starts. We double-check all the codes before submitting them to insurance service providers
  • We believe in managing claim denial prevention more than claim denial management, so our team always double-checks the coding for medical billing.
  • But in case, any claim gets denied due to any error, we resubmit the corrected error-free claim almost immediately.,
  • When the claim gets accepted, the last step of payment posting starts.
  • We do regular follow-ups and communicate with physicians and patients on a regular basis to keep the cash flow steady.

Now you will ask, how is mental health medical billing different from all the other medical billing procedures? Let me elaborate on that for you in the following,


  • Patients are pre-authorized for mental health services before even filing any medical billing claim. It is rare but it takes a lot of time.
  • Mental health clinics or small practices don’t have highly organized data on their patients as hospitals and organizations due to a lack of front desk employees or an administrative team. That’s why outsourced companies’ small practices need more time to verify and authorize the patients’ credentials.
  • The mental health services such as tests and exams are highly varied and customized. Every person might need to have a different test done, which makes the coding for medical billing more complicated and time-consuming.
  • The services provided are different from other primary or specialty health care services.

The process of mental health medical billing and coding can be quite complicated and it would be an unnecessary burden on mental health specialists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. This can affect the quality of their work. That’s why Ibex medical billing is offering the solution to all your medical billing problems under one roof. We make offer customized packages and negotiable prices. So what are you waiting for? If you’re a mental health physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or patient, book an appointment right now. We will steady your revenue generation and keep your shoulders burden free.