Medical Billing Services in Montana
Medical Billing Services in Montana

Ibex Medical Billing specialize in practice management as well as medical billing consultations. They give you that extra edge by giving your clinic the interpretation of every reimbursement law and regulation change.

Also, there is a provision for choosing Electronic Medical Records software and HIPAA compliance concerns. Some of the services which our medical billers and coders prove their proficiency in are as under.


  • Patient demographics and charge entry
  • Eligibility verification
  • Pre authorization
  • Usage of ICD, CPT and HCPS codes
  • Account receivable management and follow up
  • Payment Posting


The state of Montana and its physicians spend a significant amount of time in training staff and worrying about the account receivables for the patients they service. But not any more, with the help of our billers and coders at Ibex they tend to focus on patient care while they see their revenue grow on a monthly basis.

These billing specialists apply their experience and leverage their long term association with government as well as commercial payers to benefit your practice. Their target is to maintain your receivable below 20 days as far as possible.

They understand the complexities of their role and have proven track record of helping Montana physicians grow their practice.

Our Billers in the state of Montana are specialized to service medical practices as per the regulations of the state government. Their knowledge and experience has been acquired by years of efforts in perfecting medical billing procedures which they now leverage to help your practice collect more revenue.

The federal government’s effort to reduce healthcare cost can only be supported by physicians in the state of Montana by optimizing costs and enhancing revenue. Letting a specialist handle your medical billing can help you improve collections.

Accurate Coding and code audit along with timely insurance follow up and account receivables are the basis on which these billers in Montana guarantee higher profitability for your clinic. Their experience in various software and certification in the medical billing processes will support your practice to grow steadily.

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We provide services that relieve the burden of invoicing so that you may focus on core patient issues your community. Ibexmedicalbilling, a professional provider of a medical billing service company, is capable of handling all the activities involved in the medical billing process. Besides Montana, we also offer medical billing services in other states of the USA i.e., Wyoming, California, Los Angeles, Texas, Florida Washington New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, Virginia, Arizona, etc. Before looking for another medical billing firm in Florida, make an appointment with us right away for a no Obligation and risk-free trial. With our 24/7 active support, we’ll work with you to create a package that includes all your needs while providing active support around the clock. You won’t be dissatisfied.

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