Medical Billing Service For Physical Therapy

Medical Billing For Physical Therapy

    Medical Billing  For Physical Therapy

Are you looking for a  medical billing solution for Physical Therapy?  Physiotherapy includes massage, heat treatment, exercise, and all physical non-invasive treatments for injuries, disease, fractures or deformities, etc. like all other kinds of therapies and services, it also needed medical billing to avoid ginormous bills and payments. It can be pretty exhausting and time-consuming if done manually.

We At Ibex Can Help

That’s where it becomes our time to shine. We at ibex medical billing are offering a completely automated medical billing system for physiotherapy. We are giving you a guarantee of a successful claim the first time. Coding for physical therapy is the ICD International Classification of Diseases coding system. The ICD-10 is evolving into ICD-11 and becoming a new standard. CPT codes are also involved in physical therapy medical billing but to a lesser extent. The combination of both makes a highly successful and accurate coding system. 

Now let us give you a tour of what our medical billing process for physical therapy looks like:


We work at different levels for good revenue cycle management. Some of the steps that we use are given below:

  • Insurance eligibility verification:

This step is almost included in every kind of medical billing service. We collect patients’ demographic data and insurance information. We get the authentication of the credibility of this information from our reliable sources. It will give us a closer look at what services patient is eligible for and what payments they can afford.

  • For physicians

For the physicians, we use different automation verification tools, because their data is already present in the system. This will tell you in real-time if a patient can afford the desired treatment, and whether his insurance will cover all the costs or not. It also determines the physicians’ benefits.

  • Charge entries and determining services:

After all the verified documentation, a physiotherapist is allowed and ready to start treating the patient. All the appointments, visitations, remarks, and notes are transcribed into medical codes and added to the database. Automation helps to fasten the process so much.

  • Claim Submission:

Now it’s time to submit the claim. Mostly all it takes is a press of a button because of our advanced and highly sensitive automated medical billing and coding system. We also resubmit a claim quickly after its denied. Usually, our claim denial prevention methods work most of the time, but we are also quick to correct our errors and resubmit the claims if a claim denial occurs.

  • Reimbursements:

The reimbursement starts usually right after the claim acceptance. Sometimes, a patient is responsible for small out-of-pocket expenses. We also do regular follow-ups to keep the cash flow steady and running.

  • Database:

We have a digital database. We collect and keep all our data in it whether it be successful, denied, or rejected claims. It prevents us from future errors and hassles of correcting denial claims.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a physical therapy physician, book, an appointment right now. We will steady your revenue generation and keep your shoulders burden free. At Ibex we Medical Billing for Physical Therapy along with other specialties, feel free to contact us for any queries.