Medical Billing For Internal Medicine

Medical Billing For Internal MedicineInternal medicine deals with studies, diagnoses, conditions, and treatments related to all internal organs. Internal medicine is a term used for every medical procedure related to heart diseases diabetes, lung and kidney diseases, hypertension and obesity, etc. they can often be multi-system disorders. The physicians for internal medicine care for patients with chronic, complex conditions. Internal medicine needs years of experience. The process can be long and uncertain and that’s why internal medicine billing is crucial for doctors to be taken care.

If we talk about the handling aspect of internal medicine billing, it can be time taking a difficult for medical personnel due to its technical side and complex medical codes. The physicians have so much already on their plate, handling their own internal medicine billing would be an unnecessary burden. That’s why we at ibex medical billing are offering you to outsource your internal medicine billing to us. Our team of certified professionals will take care of all your needs under one roof. We are aware of all the internal medicine billing, coding, and terminologies. Let us take a look at our specialties.

  • We use AAPC-certified CPT codes for internal medicine billing with on-point accuracy.
  • Our revenue cycle management consists of so many detailed steps. The first of which is patient demographic verifications. We authenticate every piece of information given by the patients by our reliable sources.
  • After the patient’s information is verified, we also offer an eligibility check of internal medicine billing. We will tell you if you’re eligible for the service you are seeking or not. In case not, we will also suggest to you the suitable service that you are eligible for.
  • We also have special software for internal medicine physician verifications. We will let you know in real-time if your patient can afford the treatment and if they’re eligible for the payments on not. We will take care of you and us together.
  • When the internal medicine physicians get the green signal from us, they start the treatment. The process of charge entries then starts.
  • We transcribe all the appointments, notes, and lab results into internal medicine billing codes and add them to our automated database. We also have advanced software to make the procedure faster and more accurate.
  • The next step is to submit the insurance claim. It is also a very rapid procedure. We believe in claim prevention management way more than claim denial management. But we also have our protocols for claim denial management
  • If the internal medical billing claim gets denied, we review our errors and submit the corrected claim again almost immediately.
  • All the denied claims and errors are stored in our database to avoid them in the future.
  • After claim acceptance, the reimbursements start. All the payments and posted.
  • We do regular follow-ups and are always open for communication to keep the process running flawlessly.

You can get all these services under one roof with your special assistant. Book your appointment today to get your internal medicine billing process started.