Hospital billing Services

Hospital billing is a time-consuming and difficult procedure. Insurance companies, medical care, physicians, and the government have made it difficult for patients to steer the system. 

  • The purpose of hospital billing is to bill the claims for in-patient and out-patient services on condition that by hospitals or healthcare organizations. Hospital billing is also known as institutional.
  • Additionally, hospital billing also bills for the services delivered by experienced nurses. It also bill claims for medical services such as laboratory facilities, medical equipment and supplies, and radiology, etc.
  • Hospital billing uses the claim form UB-04 or 837-I form. The UB-04 is the paper version and 837-I form remains as electronic version. “I” stands for the institutional.
  • There is only one difference between hospital billing and physician billing that is, hospital or institutional billing deals only with medical billing process and not with medical coding. Whereas physician billing comprises of medical coding.
  • The assigned medical biller for hospitals only performs duties of billing and collections. Compared to physician billing, hospital billing is much complicated.

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