Medical Billing services are basically provided by an outsourced organization for the physicians or health care professionals.

They are not directly involved in your business but they take all the billing, coding, insurance claims and coverage of your business into account. It is hassle-free, pocket friendly and saves time and energy.

The outsourced organization handles all the records and documentations and gives you a final and complete report of the insurance claims and maintenance. All the tasks are done by qualified professionals with knowledge of software and artificial intelligence. They take accountability for all your outsourced processes.

There are certain pro and cons of doing in house versus outsourcing, it is important to consider the merits and see what suits your particular situation.

Here is a short video explaining that

Now let us talk about the benefits for doctors and health care professionals in outsourcing medical billing

Budget Management

  • Health care practitioners are qualified to deal with patients’ health and physical activities.
  • They are not skilled in medical billing and code handling.
  • They eventually have to hire or outsource a team of professionals to carry out all of these tasks and manage the expenses.
  • It helps to save the cost and manage the budget along with proper insurance handling.
  • The billing organization charges only for the provided services so they give you the real value of your money.

Operation Management

Operation Management

  • Outsourced Medical Billing Organizations also manage the operational activities so that it goes seamlessly.
  • They can work with all the external powers to control the operational tasks.
  • This helps in saving time, budget and a smooth revenue generation.

Supervision of Risk Factors

  • The outsourced medical billing organizations are also responsible for taking care of any risk factors and errors.
  • Their skillset includes the planning and removal of those risk factors.
  • They can predict the future situation by carefully examining the present circumstances and come up with a risk-avoiding plan e.g., rejection or denial of the claims etc.

Make you Tension Free

  • Professional medical billers save you from the tensions and hassles of billing and appropriate coding.
  • They let you focus freely on patient care and health care practice.
  • They eliminate any administrative job for a doctor or healthcare professional.
  • It also improves their work and goodwill.

Time Management

Time Management

  • The outsourcing of your medical billings saves time for healthcare professionals.
  • They maintain and keep up with the revenue generation.
  • They give you only the finalized and error-free report and save you from time-consuming managerial activities.
  • Medical billing process needs constant maintenance, check and balance.  You would not be the one that is responsible for it anymore if you outsource these services.

Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation

  • An outsourced medical billing also increases the smooth revenue generation process.
  • They maintain and generate the amount more quickly than the health care practitioners themselves.
  • The outsourced organization gives you your full value of money and charges way less than the increased generated revenue.
  • Outsourcing a medical billing specialist helps you to achieve your revenue generation goals. Doctors are the are professionals getting the most benefits from the billing organisations.

Reduce Logistic Expenses

     Reduces logistical Expenses

  • On average a company devotes about 30-40% of their revenue on medical billing.
  • By outsourcing the medical billing, they can avoid spending a lot of their revenue instead of spending on unnecessary costs.
  • To hire a dedicated billing team and on top of that to spend money on their training to keep them abreast with all the newest rules and regulations.

No capital investment

 No capital investment

  • By outsourcing medical billing providers office has no need to spend money to buy equipment, billing software etc.  Every time spending money to upgrade the billing software will also be saved.

Keeps patient data safe

  • Outsourcing the billing process to a well reputed company is completely safe because they have HIPAA-compliant.  Secure medical billing processes to safeguard against any hacking attempts.  Here is more information on HIPAA in one of our blog posts. See also this video on HIPAA

  • They have this required security and arrangements to offer them a safe environment for all the processes of outsourcing medical billing.

Speed up the payment cycle

  • Medical billing outsourcing services always allows the users to keep a steady cash flow and fast collections.
  • By Letting the dedicated medical billing firms do their job, hospitals can accomplish bigger economies of scale.

Outsourcing reduces billing errors 

Outsourcing reduces billing errors 

  • Qualified, expert, competent, and professional billers can ensure that your medical claims are accurately and timely submitted.
  • The main purpose of any medical billing company is to offer highest quality medical billing services.  It’s their prime responsibility to make sure that the billing professionals they hire undergo thorough and rigorous training.   Also, they equipped with the skills and knowledge to adequately submit medical claims.
  • This will not just reduce the number of rejected and denied claims because of billing errors, but it will also help maximise reimbursements on future medical claims.


Saves money 

  • If healthcare professionals are into a small business, employing well-trained medical billing and coding staff can be expensive and their business would be at risk to take over financial problems.
  • An average practice spends about 30% of its collections on the in-house medical billing processes, while a small percentage of your profits becomes the charges of outsourcing medical billing services. Therefore, healthcare providers can save a lot of unnecessary costs by outsourcing medical billing services.


Improves patients’ satisfaction

  • Outsourcing medical billing means you won’t have to bother your patients with financial matters. They can deal by themselves with the medical billing staff.
  • This benefits everyone and they can work more efficiently and proficiently.


Access to trained specialist 

Access to trained specialist 

  • Most medical billing companies have highly qualified employees who are familiar with all the business needs of medical billing and coding.
  • They evaluate, assess and follow-up all disbursements and make it certain all the carriers are being paid their due amount.
  • All the unsettled claim is pursued until it is managed and all the remaining amount paid.

Changing Regulations

Changing Regulations

  • The protocol and principles of medical billing are frequently changing. Keeping up with all the changes can be time consuming and difficult.
  • By outsourcing medical billing, the changes in guidelines will be accomplished by the outsourcing company.  They would make it a point to stay up-to-date with the modern changes. This gives you more time to focus on your patients.
  • Outsourcing company keep billing responsibilities and coding and billing information up to date with latest codes, regulations and payer rules

Outsourcing Medical billing is now a fully equipped field. Different companies can provide all the services related to medical billing very efficiently. You can get benefit from them and give benefit to others as well. If you want to improve your billing and gain advantages out of it contact IMB at (585)652-3036

Medical billing outsourcing is a field that is fully up to date for the 2

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