Gastroenterology medical billing

Gastroenterology Medical BillingGastroenterology deals with all the problems, disorders, their diagnosis, treatments and surgeries related to digestive system. As for every other medical billing practices, gastroenterology billing and coding has to be very precise, accurate and up to date for claim acceptance and insurance coverage. It is however a very challenging role and requires professional help. Gastroenterology billing includes all the medical bills for colonoscopies, colorectal cancer screenings and documentation of medical history etc. Doctors or health care providers already have so much on their plates that outsourcing their gastroenterology billing to a third party is the only solution to let them work unburdened.

Competent Team:

The gastroenterology billing team of Ibex medical billing is high competent and qualified to get the job done just right. We work hand in hand to provide you with the best gastroenterology billing experience and guarantee you maximum reimbursements from your insurance service providers. Our team is certified by AAPC or American Academy of Professional Coders, which their work speaks for itself. Let us give you a brief walk through of our gastroenterology billing procedure.


  • Client eligibility verification by checking all of their demographics in the first visit.
  • Pre authorization of desired insurance services to remove any future disappointment and hassles.
  • Provider credentialing to sort out any possible error.
  • Patient data addition to our highly secured data base with no third party access.
  • Gastroenterology billing, coding and services initiation with our latest software and up to date advanced technology.
  • Auditing and double checking for errors in the claim to be submitted.
  • Claim submission to the insurance service providers.
  • Denial management services. Although we are offering up to 94% claim success rate but if any claim denial occurs, we check for errors, correct them, double check them and immediately submit the claim again in a matter of hours.
  • Payment posting services initiation. After the successful claim acceptance, we immediately start payment posting and also keep a check on under and overpayment.
  • Continuous AR or account receivable follow up to always be up to date.
  • RCM or revenue cycle management. We work hard to keep you cash flow steady.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly follow-ups to always keep our documentation and your records up to date.


IMB team of gastroenterology billing management and coders work on the latest medical billing softwares such as Medic, Medisoft, Lytic, NextGen, CodeLink, FLashcode, EncoderPro and so many others etc. we work fully in compliance with the latest guidelines of HIPAA and AAPC.


Our services are highly flexible and negotiable to accommodate your every need. We will customize a package for you with your desired services only. Ibex will help you to reduce claim denials and increase revenue generation by our expertise, excellence and determination towards our work. We will focus on claim denial prevention management more than claim denial management to save you and us from any tension and stress. Book an appointment for your gastroenterology medical billing services with our 24/7 assistance now and get the best billing experience with a cost effective package.