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Where Can I Go To Provide A Sample For Testing?

Hiring an internal medical billing officer will give you limited options to improvise and strategize your billing. While outsourcing your tasks to Ibex Medical Billing will not only reduce your over head costs but a whole team of experts will devise a thoughtful plan to boom your health care system.

How much will Ibex Medical Billing charge you?

Ibex Medical Billing charge its clients based on percentage of their revenues. This is the most convenient method to charge the clients as it creates a win win situation for both the parties. Additionally, there is no set-up fees, cancellation fees, denial management fees, follow-up charges or any other hidden cost attached to the subscription.

Is our team expert and qualified for the said service?

Our team is fully equipped with the required skills to complete the job. We have high profile team with decades of experience in the relevant area which can quickly analyse your medical bills and strategize an effective solution for your health care system.

Will Ibex Medical Billing provides all kinds of follow-up services?

Ibex Medical Billing will provide our clients with end to end medical billing service. We will ensure to complete all the information missing in claims and reimbursements , verification from the insurance companies, collection from accounts receivables and dead accounts.

How quick do we process the claims?

As soon as we get the complete information in the claim forms, our team processes the cases within 24 hours of the forms received

Do we provide regular reports and maintain transparency?

At Ibex Medical Billing, we believe in transparency and crystal clear information and communication with our clients. Our team will generate the trend reports of your health care system weekly and monthly with all the analysis. You may also contact or setup a meeting with your nominated POCs at anytime for clarifications and queries.

Is IMB technologically advanced in keeping the records and processing EOBs?

Ibex Medical Billing is technologically advanced and prefers to maintain the data electronically to cope up with the unforeseen circumstances and avoid losses. In order to ensure accuracy in billing, our team process the EOBs electronically and reduce the possibilities of rejection as much as is achievable.

Will patient be updated about his account balance?

Via our service, patients will be timely updated about the balance in their accounts and necessary follow ups will be made by our team to ensure the collection of the bills from patients.

Do we have compliance plan?

Ibex Medical Billing strongly complies with HIPAA rules and regulations. We make sure that privacy of individually identifiable health information is protected. IMB ensures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity by our team members in terms of all the information we receive and create for our clients. We make sure that confidential information is not revealed to unauthorized persons. In order to maintain the HIPAA compliance in our daily practice at workplace, we consistently monitor and audit the rules and regulations described by HIPAA.

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