Endocrinology Medical Billing

Endocrinology Medical BillingThe endocrinologists works on treating the diseases related to the endocrine system aka the hormonal system of the body. Hormones are the chemical messengers that are transferred form one cell to another to perform their designated functions. The hormonal or endocrinal disorders can be cholesterol problems, thyroid disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cancers or infertility etc. A strong endocrinology medical billing is very important to keep the treatment going. It ensures the proper payment for practitioners and the patients well. Keeping up with the patient care and endocrinology medical billing at the same time can be very tiresome and frustrating for a doctor. Outsourcing to a third party like ibex medical billing can make your shoulders burden free and your cash flow steady. 

Key features:

  • Free of cost billing and services analysis
  • Claim prevention rather than claim denial management
  • Maximum revenue generation and payments
  • Accurate and to the point coding and billing
  • Database for quality check
  • Certified team of professionals and latest software and technology
  • Full HIPAA complaisance
  • The best patient and physician care
  • 24/7 assistance
  • No long term contracts
  • Regular communication, checkups and follow ups
  • Weekly and monthly audit reports

Denied Claims:

At Ibex Medical Billing will help you in every aspect of your endocrinology medical billing procedures. We will give our 100% in preventing and denied claims and delayed payments. We will increase the accuracy of your audit reports, give accurate coding and endocrinology medical billing fully in compliance with insurance policy guidelines. Ibex team believe in minimizing burden and maximizing revenue.

We use CPT and ICD endocrinology medical billing codes. They are primarily the best. Let’s take a brief look at our procedure:

  1. Patient registration:

The required documents are collected as per the policy guidelines of insurance service providers for endocrinology medical billing services. All the demographics including gender, age, date of birth, medical history, address and financial situation the patient is documented.

  1. Insurance eligibility check:

all of the above gathered information is checked and verified to check if the patient  has given the authorized information or not. Then this information is cross checked with the seeking endocrinology medical billing for eligibility check.

  1. Claim submission:

By checking and maintaining the correct coding with the required insurance services for endocrinology medical billing, the claims are prepared. They are then double checked to ensure the elimination of any errors to prevent claim denial.

  1. Reimbursements:

When the claims are successfully submitted and accepted, it is now time for the reimbursements. All the payments for endocrinology medical billings are transferred into the designated payment accounts. Our latest software system also keeps tab of over an Dundee payments. We request them to balance the payment for under payment and send the extra revenue back in case of over payments. Our latest AR or account receivable system takes care of these. They ensures the fair and valid payments and revenue flow for endocrinology medical billing for both patients and physicians.

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