Emergency Room Billing Services

Emergency Room Billing ServicesIbex Medical Billing provides emergency room billing services to every health care facility all over the United States of America. We provide emergency room billing services to all the local or freestanding emergency rooms as well the specialized emergency rooms present in the hospitals and clinics. The local or freestanding emergency rooms are those, which every community and patient can access freely at any time. With this specification, emergency room billing services are quite tricky and complex to go through. We offer outsourcing of emergency room billing to our highly qualified and certified team of professionals to make it easier for them.

The Ibex Medical Billings or IMB offers the comprehensive free standing emergency room billing services 

Our properties include:

  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Double checking and authorization with insurance service
  • Precise coding and billing for emergency rooms
  • Monthly and weekly reports and follow ups
  • Auditing to avoid any over and under billing
  • Charge entries
  • Payment postings
  • Claim prevention management rather than claim denial management
  • Flexible and negotiable packages according to your emergency room billing needs
  • Regular follow ups and communication
  • Very secure and end to end encrypted data base
  • Efficient AR recovery and analysis
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Latest technology and advanced softwares
  • Minimizing the claim denials and maximizing the revenue generation.

We at ibex medical billings have latest strategies and contacts for negotiations and flexible insurance services. We will connect you with the perfect people for billing services and give you the best reimbursements.

Our emergency room RCM or revenue cycle management is a very advanced procedure begins at first appointment with physician or the patients and ends with getting you complete revenue and payments. We believe in quality and the best billing procedures and services.

Let us give you a brief insight on our procedures and techniques to get to know us better.


  • We have the most accurate emergency room billing software and technology systems.
  • We use CPT and ICD codes with full HIPAA compliance.
  • We will give you all the information about the insurance services you are seeking and the ones you are eligible for at the first appointment.
  • We will immediately start working on your claim submission process.
  • Your information is safe with our specially designed data base that is end to end encrypted and inaccessible to any third party other then you or us.
  • We will file claims almost immediately and give you your desired results in your promised time. We won’t let your payments be delayed at all.
  • We will take all your emergency room billing burdens on our shoulders and only charge a small fee for much bigger benefits.
  • We will help you recover your underpayment in no time.
  • We will also reimburse your over payment as soon as we can.

You will get your hands on a wide range of services along with emergency room billing services if you opt IBM or Ibex Medical Billing services.

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