Dermatology medical billing

Dermatology Medical BillingDermatology deals with all the conditions, diseases, disorders, diagnoses, surgeries, medicine, and treatment related to the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatology conditions can range from small cosmetic surgeries to complex skin grafts and treatments. A dermatologist has to specialize and deal with so many conditions that they can never have time to handle their own dermatology medical billing services.

Error Free services:

An efficient dermatology medical billing outsourcing system is crucial for dermatologists to get the maximum amount of reimbursements and make the most from their practice. Accuracy is an extra step to prevent any loss of time and hard work. The scale for dermatology medical billing and coding is quite large compared to the other fields of medicine. That’s why it needs more accuracy, efficiency, and time to receive your fair amount of reimbursement and insurance coverage. We at ibex medical billings are here to help and make you tension free to give your complete time and focus to your dermatology patients. Our certified team of professionals will help you to completely outsource your dermatology medical billing to us and sit back and relax.


Ibex is offering  services to a vast clientele of health care providers. If you are a doctor, a group of doctors, private practice, a private practice group, a clinic, long and acute terms care providing facilities, hospitals, and local health care providers, you have come to the right place. Let us give you a brief insight into our dermatology medical billing services and benefits.


We will:-

  • charge your entries every day
  • review and follow up on all the charges for precisions and updates
  • always double-check the data, transcription, and coding for accuracy
  • prevent claim denial more than we manage the claim denials
  • post EOB and ERA payments every day
  • take care of under and overpayments and reimburse you in any case
  • follow up on account receivables regularly
  • keep you and ourselves updated about the claim status
  • dedicate a certified and professional individual medical billing expert for you
  • work on your dermatology medical billing by using the latest software and the most advanced technology
  • provide CPT and ICD-10 coding for medical billing
  • help you reduce your operational costs to up to 40 percent instantly
  • provide you 24/7 online assistance and help from the comfort of your home.
Further more:
  • Our professional dermatology medical billing and coding team is certified by AAPC
  • All of our services are fully in compliance with HIPAA, government, and insurance service providers’ guidelines, rules, and regulations.
  • The training of our medical billers and coders is updated regularly to comply with the latest rules and technologies.
  • We don’t have any hidden charges. We will give you a transparent and clear-cut bill of everything that would have been already discussed in our first meeting.

Book your appointment right now and release your burden on our shoulders. For Dermatology medical billing or any other specialty, get in touch.