Dental Billing Services

Dental Billing Services

Ibex Medical Billing specializes in delivering error-free medical and dental billing services to their customers.

Outsource dental insurance billing with ibex and leave all your administrative burdens to us. As a dental billing company, we provide a complete  outsourced dental billing services including comprehensive dental eligibility verifications and other services to support you with claim submissions and thus help you run your dental practice efficiently.

Some of the important dental billing outsourcing services that we offer at Ibex are:

Dental Insurance Verification:

Our team at ibex provides services of dental insurance verification very precisely. We make sure that all the details provided by the client are accurately entered so that it reduces the denial and claim rejection.

Dental Patient Demographics Entry:

We make sure that patients demographics are entered very correctly. Skilled professions in our team are trained in a way that chances of mistakes are zero. They maintain all the patients’ files with relevant information in a very systemic way.

Dental Coding Services:

Our medical and dental coding team is highly skilled. They will provide accurate coding with CPT and ICD-10 dental billing and coding services. They make sure so that error chances in dental coding falls to zero and hence denial and rejections are also lowered.

Dental Billing Charge Entry

Our charge entry team is very professionals who fulfils all the requirements of the procedure. Before submission of claim they make sure everything is accurate.

Dental Claims Submission

Ibex team will make sure for timely submission of claims. And timely submission will give timely payments, streamlining of the cash flow.

Dental AR Follow-up

Lack of follow up can lead to non-receivable of the payments for the dental services they provided. Our team at ibex medical billing follow-up on account receivables so that you get your payments on time.

Dental Payment Posting

To cater the requirements of payment postings with our efficient team they do an amazing job by posting to the patient. They attend on time so that to manage denial in most effective way.

Dental Denial Analysis

Ibex team deals with the denial most efficiently. They will analyze each denial finding out the reasons behind denial.  We amend the incorrect data to fast track the process to ensure timely reimbursements.

Many Dental billing outsourcing companies are available but dental billing outsourcing with ibex Medical billing will manage your dental billing problems in most efficient manner.

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