Cardiology Medical Billing

Cardiology Medical Billing

Cardiology deals with the conditions, diagnosis, treatment, and disorders related to the heart and circulatory (cardiovascular) system.  All the medical procedures related to heart disorders, coronary artery and valvular heart diseases and heart failure, etc. The physicians dealing with these are called Cardiologists. Cardiology practices can be pretty expensive.  The day-by-day increasing inflation, with all the surgery and machinery costs, can eat a big chunk of your balance. With all that, handling medical billing would be draining for the physicians. Don’t worry, we are here for you. Ibex medical billing is the solution to all your cardiology medical billing problems. Outsource your medical billing to us, sit back and relax.

Medical billing is a continuously developing and progressing technology. It can be more complex and tricky than other medical billings and coding due to its broad aspects and terms. We are experienced to handle medical billing whether it be the CPT codes or any other billing code for cardiology procedures. Despite all the fluctuations in the economy and advancing technology, we are guaranteeing you the best quality of insurance and high reimbursements for medical billing. Let’s dive into our procedure insights for cardiology medical billing.

  • Initiation:

We initiate the medical billing procedure by making a work plan. It starts from the verification check to claim denial management to payment posting. Our team checks all the possible outcomes of every service. We take care of our clients getting maximum reimbursements.

  • Demographic verification:

All the data from the patient is collected in the second step. Our team has assigned different tasks to verify it for cardiology medical billing services. Once one team verifies the data, the second team of expert medical billing coders sort out the data and transcribe them into codes and the third team checks the eligibility of the patients for seeking insurance service. It is the second step towards making the patients and cardiologists stress-free.

  • Coding for cardiology medical billing:

The cardiology medical coders then assign accurate codes to the data. We use AAPC-certified CPT coding for transcribing demographic data in cardiology medical billing, and ICD and some other codes to code clinical and hospital data to make the process error-free. We keep a strict check on the privacy of you and ourselves. Our team Double checks coding to ensure smooth claim submission and acceptance process.

  • Claim submission:

After all the data of patients and physicians are gathered, verified, and transcribed into accurate code for medical billing, it’s time to submit the claim. We submit the claims to the insurance service providers. We work on claim denial prevention more than claim denial management. If a claim gets rejected or denied by the insurance service provider, we immediately fix all the errors and submit the claim again. Usually, it gets accepted for cardiology medical billing in real-time. The next step is payment postings and regular follow-up to keep the cash flow steady and the process flawless.

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